Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Vector nightmare

I'll be the first to admit that the whole technical side of this course could well be my Achilles, but i have been experimenting practically with this side of things quite a lot.

A Friend of mine wanted a tattoo designed, so I've drawn it up on paper, scanned it (the scan was taken a few weeks back) and tried to ''nice it up'' as it were

OK, so this is the original line sketch as you can see, nothing amazing, but still took long enough i have to say.

after a good 3 hours of pulling my hair out in photoshop, i finally accepted that the pen tool had beaten me, so i came back and kicked it's nib, i persevered and eventually became fairly comfortable with it.

Now, i know it's hardly breathtaking, but i just thought I'd post this to show that I feel as though I'm finally getting to grips with this thing! perhaps vector drawing is going to be the best way of going about my final piece?


  1. Evening Elly,

    There's no expectation that you have to become a computer whizzkid overnight on this course; you just have to make the commitment to getting better at it and not letting it cramp your creative style too badly; don't let the computer become a 'thing' - it's just a tool and you will master it! :-)

  2. I hope so, i really despise computers, although i'd never tell them that to their faces...oops. seriously though, i do think im coming to terms with whats expected on this front, so touch wood i keep improving.