Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rob Sacchetto (artist)

I've always been fascinated with the occult and all thing mysterious, that's why the chance to get graded for facial manipulation is quite a big deal to me.

as shown earlier in my blog, there is an, albeit poorly executed, zombie type drawing of myself. i drew inspiration from a little known artist known as Rob Sacchetto.

Sachettos style is a standard cartoonist way of drawing and colouring, nothing extraordinary there, however, it's when you look at this style, and how he uses it you begin to see something quite interesting.

when you think of a cartoon, you usually think of happy childhood memories, simple, harmless animation right? the fact that Sacchettos work is rather cartoon like, already makes it interesting, as his medium of showing us his work is something that a child would or should enjoy, although the work itself leaves alot to be desired from the CBeeBies board members.

when you think of any kind of facial manipulation in any kind of photo, painting, or other work, its usually (at least in the mainstream sense) done for the better, whereas quite clearly here, the subjects are mutilated beyond belief, so much so that they are decomposing in the portraits, in other words....the subjects are the living dead. ... how glamourous?

Ok, this is a bit weird right? having your baby zombified? there is a limit Mr. Bundy! this is an advert for Sacchettos work, as it sold on a customer to artist basis for around 80 bucks a pop. not bad? and anyone who is interested in any more of Rob Sacchettos work can find a whole bunch on his website.

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