Monday, 28 September 2009

Current self portraits #1

As I've mentioned before, I'm a competing bodybuilder and... well to be frank, it's an incredibly lonely and time consuming sport. under my instruction i asked for a fellow gym rat to take a certain amount and style of photos whilst i worked out on a random day, just to see if i could portray that kind of emotion in a single photo of myself at the gym.

i absolutely love these portrait-eqsue photos and am contemplating running with this theme of isolation, alienation, the whole 'blood sweat and tears' ethic of a bodybuilder...after all it's who i am.
Feel free to check out this link, get a feel for what it is to be a bodybuilder, and devote yourself to something, putting it ahead of's a long lonely road, that doesn't end.

At an initial glance, you are given a quite clear tone to the pictures. the gray scale colour already alienates the viewer from the subject (myself). the fact the face, the most giveaway sign of oneself is hidden behind a hood, which again, isolates the subject, it almost closes it off and the hood implies the intent of wanting to remain unknown to the viewer. its a hostile set of photos, the aggressive nature of the dark face immediately begs you to liken it to something such as the grim reaper or assassin of an older time.

the most interesting thing i always thought about the photos when i had the finished images, was the fact that, although the I'm made out to look very hostile and withdrawn from everything, I'm actually in a public place surrounded by people! it just goes to show, that yes, alot of portraits have a backdrop which holds significance to the subject matter, but it's not always as straight forward as it would seem. In this example, although i am made out to look very bleak and morbid, I'm actually only carrying out something that can be done by anyone who wants to walk through the gym doors...the only difference is HOW I DO IT and what it means to me.

lighting plays a huge amount in the theme of any portrait, it can turn a smile from a happy one to a sinister one with just a fraction of relocation.

This picture taken of Saddam Hussein at his tribunal, shows one of the planets most evil men in an almost sympathetic and pitiful way. don't you think? NO! don't just agree with what I'm saying, although this picture was released by the Iraqi special tribunal, because of out human predispositions, we already see a monster, despite how the photo is taken. the cast of dark on one side of his face, even if you were'nt from earth, would tell you, as the light enhances his demonic glare, that this is a photo of someone no good.
More to come .... :)

Getting Started...

I find it difficult to jump into things without giving an introduction, so, what is a portrait? aside from the obvious ''picture of someone'', i want to look at:

1. what makes a successful portrait?

2. what in fact does a portrait have to show to be considered ''correct''?

3. examples of ''the effect of a portrait''

amongst other things.

the pictures on the right hand side, are old sketches and digital inks of a zombified elliot, that i compiled for a national diploma project. bare in mind, my photoshop skills were extremely basic and limited at this point in time, but, it is a prime example of IMAGE MANIPULATION. unfortunately i don't have the original to this photo on this current hard drive, but shall upload it within the next day or two so you can see how much it actually was changed from the original (surely nobody thinks i genuinely have facial cavities to that extent!?...although my nickname at school was crater face....sigh)
anyway, next on the agenda....artist research :)
NOTE: I would just like to point out, i'm not overlly familiar with the whole layout system of this blog, so apolagies if it wasnt the clearest blog entry to read.

Monday, 14 September 2009

1st blog...what is a blog exactly?

I'm not the most computer literate entry on the cg arts and animation course this year im almost certain, but one of my first instructions, was to (albeit belated) set up an online 'blog'
i always assumed these were for westlife fans and people who like to share the content of their lonely hard drives.
anyway, I wasnt given an extremely specfic instruction on what to do with this initial blog so im running wild... am i blogging? who the fuck am i even talking to? surely nobody in their right mind is actually reading not a westlife fan :S
Am gna mke da mst out of da oppatunity 2 tlk lyk dis, cos im on da comp, n its how comp peep tlk init.
anyway, i hope this has been an enthralling entry into my soon to be amazing bloggy!