Monday, 30 November 2009

invasion of the body snatchers

i thought I'd jump onto this one whilst it was fresh in my mind still.

Invasion of the body snatchers is a poster child for modern sci-fi. the idea that 'martians' didn't have shiny suits and antenna was relatively new at this time and director Don Siegel made this new thing work for him.
the film explores many themes, mainly political in light of the cold war and soviet union Russia. it speaks of man losing his personality, conformity and it was at this time that communism, the fear of everyone being this one same person, almost a new world order, was beginning to seem like an eventual reality.

as explained today, through use of the uncanny, Siegel manages to make something that was so safe and familiar (a pleasant little town where everyone seems to know everyone for some reason) and used it against the viewer to make it into something quite the opposite.

i hope I've understood that right?

despite all of this, when asked in an interview, original writer of the story 'the body snatchers', Jack Finney, and actor Kevin McCarthy both stated that there was no intentional purpose to light any theme of communism or any political view for that matter.

(the thing, seeming a trifle more grotesque in its approach)

The whole body snatching idea has been re-used continually throughout sci-fi and even other things. the matrix, the thing, the Simpson's (big surprise), even zombie flicks are similar that a virus takes over your body. it is a successful idea and is timeless.


Ok, so i never really did get around to doing these reviews, not to say i didn't have some valid points to raise!

Ridley Scott's Alien is one of the most famous sci-fi movies in existence, the simple fact that it's been parodied countless times alone shows that.

prior to its release, star trek and other such creations were 'sci-fi', the clean cut, every things Rosie in the future kind of style. then Geiger was put on the payroll and things soon started to appear very different.

all of sudden sci-fi was given an atomic slap, and became alot more sinister than first imagined. a dark cold oil rig, floating around in space is a far cry from a clean enterprise beaming on course.
the element of a classic thriller/slasher on board an isolated, lonely ever getting lonelier rig, seems to this day be chilling.

it works, and the reason it works is whilst ticking every good horror box, it almost seems like it doesn't. it breaks all the rules while it abides by the law. how? it has those classic, eerie music, darkness and unknown oddities, but it doesn't rely on them to carry the picture. for 40 minutes, there was pretty much nothing but scenery and dialogue, yet everyone in the lecture theatre was up on their seats.

without going too much into detail, in my opinion, the reason the film works today, even after all the new rules, all the great cg, it works because of the animatronics.
animatronics AGE VERY WELL! look at alien... now look at alien 3.

...which looks better?

alien 3, ruined the saga with its dateable shitpiece of an alien. its hard to look back and be scared at something we know, isn't even there. whereas when the actor actualy had to scream in front of something, doesn't that seem more terrifying?

this to this :)

maya week three

this is as far as i've got on the project, it's been quite difficult in the sense that, if you're stuck, you're stuck until you're not.
i'm going to try and get the final pieces done this week with any luck.
despite what i previously thought, I think putting the time in at uni and with the right guidance, this next project could go right for me. I've been less hours at work now, so hopefully the extra time will help.

maya week two

this to me was one of the most difficult weeks, i had some bum issues with the uv mapping, but never the less i think i managed to crack it.
on that note, reflecting on the railings, it's given me a great idea for project 3

for the record

i've been saying alot about certain tasks not being my strong point, and im sure some of you are wondering ''what is your strong point?''

.... all will be revealed ;-)

Maya week one

This is the uv mapping and first steps of the house in maya. as most people know, this is not my strong point, but i've silently been plugging away at it, and got this done.
alot of work in maya is always going to become redundant after a while, but if you dont like it, why be here?

Thursday, 26 November 2009

one more thing (Simon)

I'd just like to thank Simon for his useful texture advice, i think they gave my final images that little something they were missing.
so thanks alot Simon!


smoothed the temple shadpws a little bit, they were far too thick in the last entry. woo 3am, this is an early night for me lol.

the final 3

I won't say too much, lets see what happens at the crit. gulp. just for the record, i am aware they aren't great, but it's never going to be my strong point.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Just to let everyone know

I've been called into work tonight, i thought I'd have some time to add to my pieces. such is life. anyway, come Thursday night, with any luck i should have added the finishing touches that Simon mentioned.

I've never been one to shy away from a challenge, however this project run alongside with my new nemesis ''maya'' has been 5 weeks of stress, and i know everyone says this, but i REALLY haven't enjoyed it. environmental perspective is something I've never quite got the hang of, but I'll admit Phil has taught me a lot and many thanks to him and all his help.
perhaps my time management still leaves a lot to be desired, and working my hours is not an excuse by any means, but doesn't help at all. everyone on this course, tutors included, should be very excited going into the next project, whatever it may be, I'm going to make it count!

as for the film reviews, old thumbnails, hand drawns and maya work, expect to see those uploaded over the weekend, more likely Sunday evening.


my laptop is rusty as hell, won't run maya without a fight and is on the way out, does anyone have any suggestions of a reasonable laptop/pc for our line of work, Christmas may be coming early...Lord knows its about time i bought something that didn't look like a vest

...hi ho..hi ho...

final 3rd

this is my final piece. it is the angel room from another view, i thought i would do this as there was so much description given and i had so many ideas, why not?

again as before mentioned, i may try to add slightly more to each piece over the following days, so any tips would be welcome as long as they are managable :)

part 2

3rd concept

these are the prep pieces for the 3rd piece. i'll be uploading in parts. Simon drew attention to the lack of thexture in some peices. so i'll upload what i would call ''finished pieces'' and then last thing thursday evening will upload all 3 again, with or without any adjustments made.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

concept #2

ok, so this is the scene leading to the temple. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i'm not much of an environmental artist, and i've quite enjoyed the challenges even if my work has come out pretty shit.
im not too struck on any of my pieces, and before anyone goes arthouse on me and says
''why do you think this may be?'' .... its because i can't do it, without it looking crap! anyway, hope you enjoy

part 2

second concept done

this is the preps for the second painting. again, i have no idea how to upload neatly so will be doing it in parts

Monday, 23 November 2009

the final concept #1

it's not much, but considering the horrible circles i was spiraling in before, i'm fairly happy with how this turned out. i call this one, cold angel room. the name leaves alot to be desired, but then again, who cares.
anyway, this is number one done!

part 3

part 2

1st concept done

seeing as blogger is such a bitch to use, i'll be uploading my preps and my final piece in chunks. im not a computer guy, sorry!