Sunday, 1 November 2009

Essay plans

I think I'm getting back into my writing groove quicker than expected which is always good (considering i spent two years doing a diploma in art and design, very little writing was needed to get me through)

anyway, I'm extremely excited about this essay, i think there is going to be a lot to talk about for everyone this time.
the brief states to analyse the production design of one game/movie, but i have been doing my own writing about a similar subject recently anyway.
The twilight zone is a very popular, often parodied TV show, that owes everything to its production design. i am intrigued to look in to this further, as every episode has a different kind of style, however they each work beautifully for the purposes of the often given 'moral of the story'.

so watch this space for more development on this, i think i could just get stuck in right away, but would possibly have to sit back and watch several hours of twilight zone...dam you!!


  1. The Twilight Zone - you're serious? That's so retro - you so full of surprises, Elliot :-) I loved The Twilight Zone when I was a nipper; it always used be on late, and the black and white original series was always so spooky - especially the episode with William Shatner on the plane, when he sees the gremlin eating the engine. If you enjoyed The Twilight Zone I think you might like The Haunting, when I show it on Wednesday afternoon this week in Lecture Theatre 2 at 2 - atmospheric stuff. Regarding The Twilight Zone, you'll have to dig up lots of info on the principle production designers/art directors involved in the programme; then, check out their backgrounds, their influences, and then what else they went on to work on - it will be real Sherlock Holmes stuff - get stuck in!

  2. LOVE the twilight zone, and that episode is definatly one of my favourites, along with the young boy who could read his entire towns minds.
    The old stuff is definatly the best, especially the work that ages well. looking forward to seeing the haunting, im only familiar with the remake, surely it can't be any worse.
    well, i have a few solid sources on the twilight zone background, so the essay will definatly be an interesting read with any luck.