Monday, 30 November 2009


Ok, so i never really did get around to doing these reviews, not to say i didn't have some valid points to raise!

Ridley Scott's Alien is one of the most famous sci-fi movies in existence, the simple fact that it's been parodied countless times alone shows that.

prior to its release, star trek and other such creations were 'sci-fi', the clean cut, every things Rosie in the future kind of style. then Geiger was put on the payroll and things soon started to appear very different.

all of sudden sci-fi was given an atomic slap, and became alot more sinister than first imagined. a dark cold oil rig, floating around in space is a far cry from a clean enterprise beaming on course.
the element of a classic thriller/slasher on board an isolated, lonely ever getting lonelier rig, seems to this day be chilling.

it works, and the reason it works is whilst ticking every good horror box, it almost seems like it doesn't. it breaks all the rules while it abides by the law. how? it has those classic, eerie music, darkness and unknown oddities, but it doesn't rely on them to carry the picture. for 40 minutes, there was pretty much nothing but scenery and dialogue, yet everyone in the lecture theatre was up on their seats.

without going too much into detail, in my opinion, the reason the film works today, even after all the new rules, all the great cg, it works because of the animatronics.
animatronics AGE VERY WELL! look at alien... now look at alien 3.

...which looks better?

alien 3, ruined the saga with its dateable shitpiece of an alien. its hard to look back and be scared at something we know, isn't even there. whereas when the actor actualy had to scream in front of something, doesn't that seem more terrifying?

this to this :)

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