Thursday, 5 November 2009

part 2

wow, they really don't look like much on here, anyway, this is a line concept of the open plain of ruins.

this is of the angel statue in the named temple, I'm considering having this in a dramatic worms eye view

the walls that surround the empty plains, 40ft in height. this is a worms eye view shot, I'm considering taking it back a little so to get the moat in, and lower it slightly to add some ground detail, including ruins.

the tomb corridor that leads into the main tomb containing the angel. this is highly under detailed at this stage, but like this idea for some reason. will definitely be running with this one.

i was obviously playing with this one a little bit more, only because it looked tremendously flat as a line drawing. this is the entrance to the before mentioned temple.

it has to be mentioned again, these are very preliminary, they don't contain any depth, but are good for me as a jumping off point.

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