Thursday, 12 November 2009

Done and dusted

I have just finished my essay on the production design of the Twilight Zone. I'm quite happy with how it's worked out and am glad i can ryt liik diss agen 4 a bit!
if anyone would like to see what i have done, they can download it from the given rapid share link.
i may redraft if necessary, but if anyone's having trouble finding ideas, feel free to take a look at mine, it's far from perfect, but i think I've done a better job this time around. (10 downloads max.)
(if you're unfamiliar with rapid share, yeah right pirates, then just click free user and open/save file to wherever you normally would)

the file is in Rich text format, as I'm still unfamiliar with what word processing software everyone is using. this should open on any mac or pc.

any feedback is appreciated.

time to get cracking with the really important stuff now!!!


  1. "ERROR This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member"
    It's ok if you're making money by doing referalls for rapid share but i'd rather you were honest about it :P

  2. ah seriously? let me have a look.

    yep...seems to be the case.

    i'll upload elsewhere now, and post back in about 5


    its now on my myspace blog, apolagies for the way its going to look on there. but its the content that counts right?

    anyway, as far as i know, anyone can look at it from this link.

  4. Thanks elliot, a bit stuck on mine so hopefully this'll help

  5. No worries man, the best advice i can give you for hitting the magic number, is don't just choose the film or game that you like, choose one that you're gona have a lot to talk about, otherwise you could end up rambling on about sweet FA for 1500 words.