Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Just to let everyone know

I've been called into work tonight, i thought I'd have some time to add to my pieces. such is life. anyway, come Thursday night, with any luck i should have added the finishing touches that Simon mentioned.

I've never been one to shy away from a challenge, however this project run alongside with my new nemesis ''maya'' has been 5 weeks of stress, and i know everyone says this, but i REALLY haven't enjoyed it. environmental perspective is something I've never quite got the hang of, but I'll admit Phil has taught me a lot and many thanks to him and all his help.
perhaps my time management still leaves a lot to be desired, and working my hours is not an excuse by any means, but doesn't help at all. everyone on this course, tutors included, should be very excited going into the next project, whatever it may be, I'm going to make it count!

as for the film reviews, old thumbnails, hand drawns and maya work, expect to see those uploaded over the weekend, more likely Sunday evening.


my laptop is rusty as hell, won't run maya without a fight and is on the way out, does anyone have any suggestions of a reasonable laptop/pc for our line of work, Christmas may be coming early...Lord knows its about time i bought something that didn't look like a vest

...hi ho..hi ho...

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