Sunday, 1 November 2009

She: A history of adventure

Wow, where do i begin?
excuse my ignorance, but I'm actually new to this title. I had never heard of it until the second I opened up the folder 5 which it was in. upon researching the book, i found out that it is one of the best selling books of all time, and here's me never even hearing of it...wally.

there have been 3 direct movie adaptations of She, yet the latest one was produced in 1965, therefore, I'm assuming it is very basic in terms of visuals. this is good, as i should be able to give my own twist on things when designing my environments, without unknowingly pinching ideas.

I've read both pdfs given, but before putting down anything to concrete, i am looking for a copy or site showing the 1965 version of this, just to see what has been done and see how i can change things, the last thing i want to do is put down something that's been done to death.

so, the search the meantime here is some of the graphics tablet work from Fridays workshop

just 2 quick architectural washes, really beginning to loosen up with graphics tablets, hopefully in the coming weeks, we can start to see some real magic!


  1. Hey Elly - great to have you posting again; so, you got She... don't worry, I'm not sure many people of your generation would have heard of it, though the 1965 adaptation by the famous horror film studio, Hammer, starred the very famous Ursula Andress, who made her name by coming out of the sea in a white bikini in Dr No... You've got some nice scenes to adapt - so good luck and I look forward to seeing more.

  2. i have just found a rapidshare file of the 1965 version, should be downloaded by the morning, so the real work can begin tommorrow evening realisticly.
    have done a few pencil thumbs which will be uploaded tomorrow, but i doubt they are anything more than preliminary designs so far.