Monday, 28 September 2009

Getting Started...

I find it difficult to jump into things without giving an introduction, so, what is a portrait? aside from the obvious ''picture of someone'', i want to look at:

1. what makes a successful portrait?

2. what in fact does a portrait have to show to be considered ''correct''?

3. examples of ''the effect of a portrait''

amongst other things.

the pictures on the right hand side, are old sketches and digital inks of a zombified elliot, that i compiled for a national diploma project. bare in mind, my photoshop skills were extremely basic and limited at this point in time, but, it is a prime example of IMAGE MANIPULATION. unfortunately i don't have the original to this photo on this current hard drive, but shall upload it within the next day or two so you can see how much it actually was changed from the original (surely nobody thinks i genuinely have facial cavities to that extent!?...although my nickname at school was crater face....sigh)
anyway, next on the agenda....artist research :)
NOTE: I would just like to point out, i'm not overlly familiar with the whole layout system of this blog, so apolagies if it wasnt the clearest blog entry to read.


  1. Hey - you're blogging like a pro - relax! But what is it with people disfiguring themselves? Check out

    ... and then see how you feel!

  2. i think its a way of exagerating your own insecurities safely without fear of letting too much slip about them.
    i've heard of that charity before on the bbc, some of the stories are really quite sad.

    on that note, im sure you may have seen this, but if not

    in a no disrespect intended way, a real life facial manipulation