Sunday, 18 October 2009

As Promised, the before mentioned image.

I'd Just like to take this moment to thank All the staff at UCA who were kind enough to let a CG student use all their facilites, and Danny Bourke for his intense effort to help me get this shit right!


  1. jus thought i'd drop a comment, dunno why but it jus kinda reminds of the film 'Bronson' haha, if you aint seen it check it out...nice work tho, but yeh man, nice bit of contrast with shadows there

  2. Tomorrow at 3pm in Lecture Theatre 1, Tracy Ashmore is doing a second session on structuring arguments for academic writing and creative research; it will last an hour, giving you a bit of a breather before the life-drawing class; sorry for the short notice, but it was only confirmed at the end of last week. If you could assist me in getting word out to your classmates, I'd be very grateful. Cheers!

  3. Cheers Bob! and have to say, Love Bronson, Went to the premiere of the film in leiscter square man! really enjoy the whole 'clockwork orange' feel.

    As for the lecture tomorrow Phil, we were told by Alan in our Maya tutorials, so most people should know already.