Monday, 5 October 2009

Husam Espino (artist)

As well as looking at the given artists, as you can see, I've been looking at some of my own (after all whats the point in everyone researching the same thing?) and I tried to take it a bit further than your plain portraiture.

take a look at the picture below and have a think about the artist and the subject, what do you think they were trying to show? etc.

Now, everything you just thought, throw right out the window and never even think anything as ridiculous again, think you can tell a whole pictures meaning by looking at it once? you make me sick!...sorry, one of those moments again. Anyway, you'll be surprised to find out that the artist Husam Espino is actually a prison inmate at an American penitentiary, and compiled this pastel portrait from memory of a ''woman i once knew''.

The point I'm driving at is, does a portrait of someone have to even be of them? who says it has to be this person, or that person, who says it has to be anyone, a painting showing a fictional character is still going to be called a portrait right?

A portrait of someone else ie. not a self portrait, could in fact be the thoughts and ideas of the artist as is in this case. although the picture itself is showcasing a very beautiful woman from Espinos past, underneath this we are given the messages of regret and sadness. we feel Espinos longing to meet up with this person again one day, as he feels abandoned through his own actions no doubt.

This portrait is somewhat similar to the previous one shown, it showcases the same (or a very similar) woman, however shows a lot more of the subjects energy simply by pushing more into the background. we get a feel of the lost sense of freedom that Espino shows us in this piece, it has a strong way of depicting real life beauty but almost in a horrible way, as it something that cant be had, at least not by this artist.

Espinos work is available to buy online at the link below, although it is limited at this current time.

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  1. first of all, this is my oldest say that this was a past woman in his life...??? well its not ur makin assumptions by the artpiece and then u go on n tell people in ur blog that u shouldnt make assumptions by the first look of a piece. i am sadly dissapointed that u would think this, not because he is my brother but because i too am an artist in the process and oppose with ur judgements. i see more unity in the second artwork except in the center because the "unknown" MADE UP woman is standing out. first piece- was a random woman who he DID NOT know. he is currently in the alred unit of criminal depart in texas, yes. and he is also selling more artwork such as tera patrick portrait, and more aztec and mayan work. his purpose is to show the cultures behind MEXICANS. i have posession of the artwork and am still currently selling them if anyone is interested email me.NITZIABABYGURLESPINO@GMAIL.COM