Thursday, 22 October 2009

this song is kicking ass

thought i'd share as its pumping me the hell up! as you can tell the red roosters really kicking in. and yes, student budgets don't stretch to redbull im afraid


  1. Hi guys, the DVD I was talking about today is called Concept Design 2, Sketching Environments by Feng Zhu, the sequel is Concept Design 4. A couple of books to check out include:

    Massive Black, Volume 1
    Bold Visions, The Digital Painting Bible by Gary Tonge.

    If you need to E-Mail me my address is

  2. Hi Elliot,

    What folder did you get? If you're experiencing any difficulty accessing the files on myUCA just let me know and I'll email the pdfs.

    Also - just wanted to reassure you that everything is cool, okay? :-)