Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Final portrait complete!

Its taken a sweet load of my time, but it's done, and I'm really happy with how its come out!

Now, this may sound bizarre, but I'm planning on getting my tongue pierced tomorrow, and so I've been told, my speech could impaired for up to a week. so I'd like to use this space to write down the 'sustenance' of what may be missing from Fridays inevitable incoherent ramblings.

this is a sketch done with a graphics tablet in photoshop. I'm still fairly basic with the whole use of these badboys, but I'm slowly getting used to them, and have to say, they are truly amazing tools when used properly.

This portrait isn't based on anything, in other words, I didn't draw from a mirror or a previously taken photo, and the reasons are as follows:
  • a photo shows a mood or state at that given time, why would drawing it again portray anything new?
  • drawing from a mirror would be extremely pointless as it would be just a drawing, keeping a mood or theme whilst drawing and posing would be forced.
  • I wanted to show exactly what i was thinking and feeling at the time, it changed from the start of the drawing so i just let it flow and got my final result
  • this way, i was able to show the key points i intended, as mentioned in my previous entry.

Now the reason i haven't posted the actual picture, is because i don't want Phil to verbally bitch slap me and tell me its ''whack'' with only 3 days to spare. Kidding. well half kidding, but i am actually adding finishing touches e.g. background

anyway, it's all ready to go, so Lets crack on with the essay!


  1. Evening Elly,

    Don't worry - regarding Friday's presentation, I only want a few succinct conclusions from you lot - not epic presentations; all the conceptual content is enshrined in the blogs (or should be) and no amount of smooth talking can out-fox an experienced old academic-type such as myself; if it's not up there on screen in visual terms, it's probably 'not there'... so, good luck with the while piercing thing - I have a number of friends who have had pretty much everything nail-gunned... suffice to say they rattle when they walk! :-) Anyway, don't faint, write me an excellent essay, and I'll see you on Friday at 9am in Lecture Theatre 1...

  2. The gift of the gab is'nt going to help anyone come friday then.
    and yes, most of the conceptual work is in the photographic portraits taken, but some of the freehand drawing ideas are to be uploaded sometime tomorow.
    im only getting the piercing done for a bet, so, lets hope i don't faint!
    see you there!