Monday, 5 October 2009

food for thought/Phil

this is just for the purposes of tomorrows interim crit.

1. I've had trouble scanning and uploading any hand drawn sketches and creative development sketches, if they are necessary for this part, is it possible to bring them to you in person to have a look at, or could you see your way to looking at them on here around Thursday/Friday time? i really would love some pointers on this front.

2. although we spoke about the proposed essay question in today's seminar, do you have any other views on this which you think could beneficial towards the final piece?

3. when is the actual hand in date for all creative work and final pieces? and are these all to be uploaded on here or elsewhere? does this include loose leaf work also?

4. and finally, what is your honest opinion on the whole middle-east situation, i just assume you have some interesting views?


  1. Interim Review - Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

    Hi Elly,

    Okay - regarding your development sketches etc. I just want you to get into the habit of scanning/photographing/archiving your stuff and post it all in one place; had you got those sketches here, I could give you the feedback you want - indeed, as you know, I tend to browse the blogs 'as and when', so the more you post, the more 'conversation' there is between us. The interim review is also my opportunity to gauge how engaged a student is with their work; in your instance, the absence of the sketches don't set any alarm bells ringing, because the totality of your blog suggests that you are engaged. It's just a good habit I want you to get - archiving, posting and reflecting - a way, perhaps, of looking afresh at your own work. Just get your work uploaded asap and I'll ensure I get a look at them.

    Regarding the essay - I think you're onto something very interesting; essentially, you're talking about notions of 'male beauty' - (if we can see masculinity and physique as 'beautiful'). The point is, of course, is that ideas of beauty are 'cultural' - they are learned and transmitted, by art, and now by the media; for instance, Michelangelo's David...

    'David' never existed - he is 'photoshopped' fiction created out of all the idealised notions of male beauty (but notice small genitals - all classical statues were treated similarly because 'adult genitals' were not seen as very aesthetic!). However, if you look at David's proportions and general physique, it is still the dominant measure of male beauty - even today.

    But compare to

    This was men as very cultured, city-fied individuals, with a love of fashion and culture and art - another view of the masculine ideal: again, the 'beauty' here is cultural, created out of the prevailing ideas of the time.

    Now consider

    Here we have a bit of Greek imagery (the athlete), the idea of the metrosexual male (the dandy), but the emphasis is all about the size of his genitals...

    The difficult part about your essay is to give yourself a start and end point (historically speaking) and identify your essential argument; is it about depictions of masculinity and how they change (if so, you're actually talking about what the images you choose can say about the society that produced them), or are you talking about the objectification of men? There is more 'male flesh' on show in adds, in film and on television than ever (Mens Health magazine!), and so increases the pressure to resemble and model oneself on those ideals. You're dealing here with cultural myths about the things that make men manly - and those ideals keep changing...

    All the info you need re. hand-in is on your brief; incase you've lost it see 2nd post: The date of your submission and final presentation is Oct 23rd, starting at 9am in Lecture Theatre 1 - it's 2 weeks on friday!!!

    Re, The middle east situation - phew - ask me another time - I've still got 2 students to review! :-)

  2. Assessable Components Weighting & Learning

    Creative Work 60% (LO1, LO3)

    A self-portrait to be produced digitally using Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator. Project work (including research paper – see below) should be submitted on a clearly labelled cd/dvd and not on a flash drive/memory stick. Image resolution of self-portrait should be 300dpi.

    All project work must also be copied into a pre-labelled folder on a specified studio computer in the CG Arts baseroom by end of submission day.

    Creative Development 40% (LO2)

    You are asked to produce a comprehensive blog archiving and annotating your creative development during the duration of the unit. You should use the blog to reflect critically upon your own creative practise and the wider cultural context; your blog should include your visual research (including links to supporting websites etc.), your sketches and Photoshop/Illustrator exercises.

    Important! Your blog must include:

    1) Your final portrait plus a minimum of 3 preparatory portraits exploring the notion of constructed identity that demonstrate clearly your understanding of the issues regarding image manipulation and the representation of self.
    2) All drawings from life-drawing classes.
    3) Your modelling task, texturing task, animation task, lighting & rendering task, and first scene (as specified in your technical classes).

    1,500 word written assignment investigating the subject area of portraiture, self-portraiture and the representation and construction of identity in digital culture. Specific attention should be paid to academic conventions – please refer to UCA guidelines at

    Important – you must complete and attach the plagiarism declaration form provided with this brief. Please provide both hard copy and digital file at time of assessment.