Monday, 5 October 2009

Essay Question?

Now this is the part where I'm probably going to end up doing my essay on this very blog, so to avoid that, I'll keep this short.

A lot of what i do, in design and in my own life, boils down to the modern day fantasy of 'the ideal physique' as it were. basically, the question i want to ask is:
Has the portrayal of man in portraiture changed within the last century?

without answering my essay here and now

an example

An old Henry VIII portrait would surely have depicted him as being powerful right? being heavy set and hairy was once seen as the way a real powerful man should look.
now look at a portrait of Hitler (bare with me on this one), assuming he wanted to look powerful in his images, he was shown as a slender man with very little manly structure. yet always had a straight face. what is different? this is what i intend to find out

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