Sunday, 6 December 2009

tableaux vivant sketches part 1

Firstly, please excuse the poor quality of these thumbs, as i had to photograph them in the end, i'd rather have something up than nothing.
anyway, this piece is from behind a perched raven in a sort of cctv position, it keeps the viewer outside of the picture almost, this was an early idea so i don't think i will e using this one.

this one was a favourite of mine, when in 3d i can see it being extremely atmospheric, i know it's difficult to see here, but it's going to be the dark empty corridor that the student looks down to find nothing but an empty space, broken up by dirty windows letting small pieces of light in. this is a big possibility.

this one is of the open door to the empty corridor. personally it seemed like a good idea before i put it down, and done well it could work out very nicely, it gives a sense of urgency with the books all over the floor and the dense foggy air. i like it personally. however, i think there's a lot going on in terms of a 3d set, and realistically, me and maya don't get on well so probably wouldn't be the best one to do. I'd rather finish a piece well than not at all.

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