Sunday, 6 December 2009

part 2

blogger gets funny for some reason every time i want to put a bulk of images up...oh well.
this one is pretty lame, it was the first one i drew, it's literally just the raven perched in a well shadow contrasted room. nothing really exciting. sorry #4 this is where it ends for you.

this one is one of my favourites also. its the window bursting open after the raven has flown in, or perhaps before? anyway, there's going to be a major sense of direction with this one, and some intense lighting will definitely to the trick.

this one is by far the most likely to end up as my final piece, although I'm still debating whether or not to have raven in it, i most probably won't although i reckon i could knock one out in zbrush over the Xmas break. anyway, its from the ravens perspective, and is looking into the fire lit room before entering, it is cold and rainy outside and the trees are blocking some of the image. i like it.

this again is a piece that I'm fond of, however what with the time restraint i have and limited maya skill, i think it would be wise not to use this piece. it is the raven sat above the fireplace with the strong wind blowing everything and the fire to the left although the raven seems unfazed.

I'll be doing a few concept pieces in the week of the ones I'm most likely to use and hopefully Alan can can give me some pointers on how to make it easier for myself. fingers crossed.

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