Tuesday, 1 December 2009


OK, this one is either a very straight forward definition, or so discreet that i missed it.
when trying to discover what it means and its relevance to my Tableaux vivant, i came across the word 'paradox' several times.
it came up as a synonym on one site. a paradox is a self contradictory statement, Abraham wolfs example being a man that admits to being a liar, is not, therefore this his statement is a paradox, it can only be true if it is false, vice versa.

what i could get from aporia was that it is something that 'seems' to be unsolvable, unable to be grasped or conquered, yet can be.

Socrates, through elenctic testing, the testing between subjects via debate with opposing viewpoints of an examined concept, had his his subject, after many failed attempts, admit he had no idea what he was talking about, admitting aporia.

...i'm going to sleep on this one before i cap it off, i think looking at it with fresh eyes could be the trick.
i really hope i'm doing myself a favour with these brain teasers.

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