Monday, 7 December 2009

Essay idea

Okay, so i spoke briefly with Phil about this already today, but if anyone else had any input it's always appreciated and returned.

I wanted to talk about the uncanny relationship that director and writer George. A. Romero established with the public when he invented the cannibalistic zombie.

originally zombies known only in voodoo folk lore as Nzambi, were nothing more than trudging trance like beings who were mentally and physically incapable of doing anything.

it was when Romero looked into this and many of mans deepest darkest fears that he eventually invented the flesh eating zombie, which later became the super zombie (the kind we see in films now with super agility, strength and intelligence).

Phil said something interesting, that i should discuss in both ways how a zombie can be both uncanny and then on the other hand not. some films are so point blank, that they blow the uncanny aspect out of the water e.g. Return of the Living Dead (Tarman). if anyone has seen this film, they'll agree, that zombies trudging along with no back story or initial introduction, moaning ''braaaains'', is completely ridiculous and is not uncanny.

this is just ridiculous

however, those who have seen a film such as White zombie (which stars Bela Lugosi, MY ABSOLUTE ALL TIME HERO OF CINEMA, and if you don't know who Bela Lugosi is, please please please check him out....children of the night!) will know that, when a loved one becomes something else, someone else, and are not necessarily parading murderously, it is far more thought provoking and chilling compared to the before mentioned.

so it's going to be a tough one, but i think a bit of research will be in order to make it count. Tom Savini (make up artist for Maniac) also will be a big name in the essay i feel.

now this is what i call a zombie flick!


  1. Elly - your frame of reference always delights me - Bela Lugosi, the Twilight Zone, The Thing - you're so old school! :-)

  2. I was brought up hearing stories of how my grandfather would go drinking with Borris Karloff on a saturday night in Peckham, i guess it rubbed off on me in the end.
    i'm sure you'll agree, they don't make 'em like they used to!

  3. Your grandfather knew Boris Karloff? You can't just throw out a story like that and leave it there... more please!

  4. Well, If memory serves, Boris moved to Canada when he began his career and later hollywood after frankenstein etc.
    but occasionally he would come back and forth to visit family etc. (this is before his final return)
    and my grandfather Ernie would often meet him at the Walthamstow dog tracks on a night out, apparently this was the place to be at the time.
    somehow my gramps would stretch that out into an hour long story about every pub they and others would fall in and out of across the weekend.
    something that always comes to mind was my gramps saying
    ''he lived in hollywood, but you'd still have to get your round in''
    those were the days i guess!

  5. I can see Phil turning green with envy, lol. Once again I applaud your choice of essay topic and I look forward on hearing how you develop the idea. Well done Elliot.