Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Raven E.A. Poe (idea for tableaux vivant)

I'm sure we're all familiar with this poem in some sort of way, whether it be the Simpson's parody or the poem itself, it is a very successful, eerie piece by Poe, and undoubtedly his most famous.

for those of you who aren't familiar with the poem, it is a narrative piece following a supposedly 'talking' raven, who follows a distraught lover who has come to part with his other half, and it is this raven that further intensifies the 'students' slow decent into madness by supposedly saying nothing more than: nevermore.

it begins with the man reading an item to help ease his suffering, when he hears rattling at the window, upon opening it a raven flys in and perches in his room. the man asks the raven his name only to be told 'nevermore'. upon many a question the bird answers the same, and the student eventually comes to the conclusion that the bird was taught this word by an unhappy master.
as the poem progresses, the air seems to become denser, and the student feels the presence of angels. he becomes confused as to what the bird is doing there, what is his connection with the angels and mist, and this angers him into yelling at the raven only to be told 'nevermore'.

an interesting accusation he makes is calling the raven a prophet. to me, this crucial, as it lets the reader think that the bird could be bringing some kind of 'energy' or 'force' or 'message' with it, without being to precise.
the student tries to get the raven to move, but nevermore shall it.
it is in the end that he admits his soul is that of the ravens, it's cast under its shadow and his soul shall move nevermore.

now, i', not here to explain a million and one meanings, but what i will say, is that illustratively, the poem has a lot of moments that in still, could be caught as tableaux vivant. there are several moments, such as the denser air, the 'presence' of angels and so on that could be caught beautifully, as they suggest something could occur, or has.
I'll draw up some thumbnails and upload tonight with any luck.
Phil...if I've totally missed the box with this one, let me know. i thought, it would be a nice carry on from the last project almost.

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