Sunday, 10 January 2010

tree models

Now these are actually modelled in Zbrush, as with my limited knowledge of maya, my trees would have turned out looking rubbish.

originally i looked at a tutorial on how to model these, i took a few pieces from that, and made these.

they obviously aren't textured yet, as i'm going to leave that until the scene is fully set. much like the treasure chest scene. as you can see, even when rendering them as bmp. files, they came out crap with parts missing. hopefully my upgrade will be here soon.

and yes, the finished concept piece is done, although i noticed a massive flaw which i'm changing now.

EDIT: I lowered the sub-divisions so these would render faster, and now the option to raise them is transparent (not available) any help on this? i know that obj. does not carry subdiv. info but they were ztl. originally


  1. 你怎麼能經過一片海,而忘記它的藍?.........................

  2. LOL...anybody speak Chinese here?

  3. no idea, i received a comment like that on my blog as well. At first I thought it was Leo but the name wasn't Leo in English except in Chinese characters.